Old Wynd Cottage is no longer available to rent as a holiday cottage. We would like to thank all our visitors who have stayed with us over the years for their custom and we wish the new owners good luck in their new home.

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Photo of outside Old Wynd Cottage

Old Wynd Cottage is a perfect place to stay while visiting Shropshire with its stately homes, vibrant market towns, sleepy villages and unique landscape. Visitors can enjoy the Ironbridge Gorge with its famous bridge and industrial heritage, and step back in time by visiting the award winning museums and recreated Victorian Town. Excellent pubs and restaurants are close by. You are assured of a warm welcome.

Photo of inside Old Wynd Cottage

The cottage has recently been completely refurbished but retains many original features like the oak beams and some cast iron window frames. Overlooking woodland and fields the cottage is surrounded by its own garden and grounds amounting to nearly half an acre. There is plenty of space to relax, to enjoy a barbeque or, for the young at heart, to kick a ball about.

Photo of tunnel

The cottage was built over 200 years ago at the western terminus of the Shropshire canal. The building was originally stables and offices for the canal but was converted to a cottage early in the 19th century. Many discoveries have been made recently including some of the original canal stonework, the top of an inclined plane and a fascinating tunnel 70 feet long the entrance to which the cottage would have overlooked. To find out more click here.